Delicious Food That You Should Eat While in Brussels

If you are looking for a city to go on your next vacation, you should consider going to Brussels in Belgium. This is one of the most beautiful places to go to and you should not miss an opportunity to go to this city if you can. You should also have your family go with you to fully enjoy the tourist destinations that you can visit here.

Most people go back to Brussels because of the dishes the city has to offer. Many people would pay big time to have a taste of authentic Belgian cuisine. If you want to save on hotels, you can go to Brussels Hotels Today and look for a great deal for a room. The website offers a lot of voucher codes and coupon codes on products. The money that you save on the hotel can be used on food. How great is that!



Moules is mussels in English. You must eat moules here in Brussels. Moules is a Belgian specialty. You would not say that you have gone to Brussels until you have eaten their mussels. They eat their moules al fresco with fries. Most of the locals here in Brussels order their moules with white wine and vegetables. But if you want to be more adventurous, you can try moules marinere, or the moule a la crème. These dishes both have thick sauces which offer a blast of taste.

Dame Blanche

Everybody loves ice cream. Here in Brussels, it is fine for an adult to dive into large ice cream. You have to taste Dame Blanche that is only available in Brussels. The name may not sound as appetizing as you want. But Dame Blanche is actually vanilla ice cream that is surrounded and topped off by melted Belgian chocolate. Fulfill your dreams and eat to your heart’s content by eating this vanilla ice cream.



You may have read this word on your favorite bread spread. You have to thank the Belgians for this amazing cookie. From the humble cookie, speculoos is available in coffees, lattes, cakes, tiramisu, and even spreads.

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