Types of Tourists, So Which One Are You?

There are too many types of tourist which makes it hard to categorize them all. Below are the most common tourist types you’ll meet during your travel.


The Traditional Type

The traditional type doesn’t travel whole-year round. They’ll just save for it when they feel stuck or stressed and needed a break. Traditional types are quite home buddies. They like the comfort of their home, so going for long periods of vacation is too much for them. Traditional types can be satisfied by just having a three-day vacation.

The Experiencialist Type

Have heard about the phrase “adrenaline junkie”? This phrase describes best the experientialist type. They almost up for anything as long it is fun. They’ll try the weirdest kinds of food, go to unknown streets despite the warnings they get from next international promo code, they will swim with the sharks, and do anything that a scaredy-cat won’t. Experientialist types don’t like dull moments, because they get bored easily. They need constant action, a constant change in their lives to be sane. It is what keeps them inspired and keeps their sanity in check.

Tourists Born With Silver Spoon

touristLife is not all fair and square, but it is still beautiful. There are just people who can get anything they want because they were born with silver spoon their mouth. These types of travelers are the luxurious type. You’ll find them in the most expensive 5-star hotels, exclusive destinations, and the priciest fine dining. But don’t get them wrong, they can be wild and free too. It’s just that they got more options than normal people like us.

The Coupon Collector Tourist Type

Coupon collectors will amaze at you how they can pave their way to extravagant travel every year by getting all the savings and althea coupon they can. Their research skill is quite impressive because they know when are the next plane ticket sale, the best hotel deals, and the cheapest routes. They make the most out of their money in every travel. They are not a cheapskate but smart with money.

The Blogger Type

This is quite funny because the blogger type is the most common traveler nowadays. You’ll see them taking pictures everywhere. Most of them are travel bloggers who are earning some cold cash from their blogs. You might see them at city beach promo code free shipping with their laptops and cameras. Some just love to take pictures for personal collection of memories.

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